Growing Medicinals In Your #GroPro

The South African climate is slowly changing with regards to it's attitude towards Cannabis. South Africans are now legally aloud to grow weed, for their own private use, in the safety of their own homes.

While at this point the law still stands to be rather vague as to what exactly qualifies as 'personal use' and that coupled with the paradox that purchasing marijuana seeds remains illegal making things a tad confusing, the shift in perspective is still tangible as popular nursery branches begin to market 'weed growing kits' and many begin to wonder if this means they may have been too hard on the subject.

As more and more South Africans begin utilizing cannabidiol oil as a healthier/more natural alternative to treat a range of anxiety, cognition and movement disorders others are finding THC oil is having positive effects on autistic children. Heck the pet store down the road now sells THC oil (from presumably under the counter) and I just so happened to have seen first hand a dog with such bad anxiety it was nerve-wracking just to be in the room with her, get a brand new lease on life because of it.  

While the applications seem endless many are just excited by the mere fact that they CAN grow. So, with the power of vermiculture (worm farming) on our side, we thought we'd give it a bash:)

No pun intended.