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Gardening made easy. Water and space saving. Organic. Beautiful.


Green Thumbs Are Grown Not Born


Right Outside The Kitchen Door

Whether you feel you have more than enough space for a vegetable garden or not, the ease and simplicity of all your herbs right outside the kitchen door is too fantastic.



A lot of the fun connected with #GroPro is enjoyable experimentation. Every growing environment is different - with varying soils, light and moisture conditions - and every plant is different. 

Have fun and see what works for you and your growing space!


The Stir Fry

The Stir Fry Queen - One example of a fun themed planting!

Chinese cabbage, pak choi and tah tsai with a beautiful shade of dianthus (whose flowers are also edible) for colour. 

The GroPro Cycle

A Vertical Option



In the light of it's legalization in South Africa many are asking us if you can grow cannabis in a #GroPro. Well you can indeed:) See our blog at the base of this page for more info.



Strawberries have surface roots which enjoy frequent moisture. The design of the GroPro and it's pockets means water is always being caught by the pocket beneath which keeps these surface roots happy.



Here come the juicy, red strawberries... break out the cream and let's get this party started.

Check 'em out!
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Beautiful Display

With minimal maintenance and weeding the GroPro makes a stunning addition to any modern space with enough light to support it.


As Fresh As Fresh Can Be

There is nothing quite like getting your greens crispy fresh. Even those purchased from the most reputable grocery chains will never be as fresh as those grown and picked by yourself in your own home.


Proud Father

Peas and turnips. So much green growth in such a small space...

A Proudly South African Space-Saver




Aubergines Interspersed with peppers. An extremely high yield planting this one and a #GroPro which brings us great pride.


The Flowers:)

The flowers are so beautiful, when you get close and give them a good look, even with their prickly bases!


The Fruit!

A close up of the buxom aubergine fruit. There is something which evokes such pleasure when you can open your kitchen door and remove an aubergine for the oven, grown entirely by your self, within your #GroPro and it couldn't be easier.

Vermiculture & Organic Growth

Blog posts

Growing Cannabis In Your #GroPro

Growing Cannabis In Your #GroPro

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#GroPro Setup Video Tutorial

#GroPro Setup Video Tutorial

For an easy visual run through of the setup process:)
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